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14. Journal des dames

June 7, 2011

Jounal des Dames. London: C. Arnoux. Fashion plate, in Modes et dessins de broderie, Ire annee, 1817

Journal des dames
London: C. Arnoux
Five bound volumes of issues dated 1817–1819
Boxes 803–804

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Complete volumes (click on “show all images in this set”):
Modes et dessins de broderie, Ire annee
Modes et dessins de broderie, 2nd annee
Litterature, Ire annee
Litterature, 2nd annee
Musique instrumentale

Journal des dames. London: C. Arnoux. Advertisement, in: Modes et dessins de broderie, Ire annee, 1817

While much of the Archive relates to the musical activity of royal amateurs, a few items concern related literary and artistic pursuits of the princesses.  Journal des dames, a serial published in London, brought current fashions in French literature, music, and dress to English subscribers. Five volumes of bound issues for 1817–[1819] are found in the Archive, containing articles for language study, printed in French and Italian on facing pages; music and dance instructions for French social dance; and fashion plates and embroidery patterns. 

Journal des dames. London: C. Arnoux. Quadrille with dance instructions, in Musique instrumentale, circa 1817-1819

Two volumes of fashion plates show women’s dresses and embroidery worn at court, balls, masked balls, and weddings, as well as women’s hats and coats, and a few examples of children’s clothing. The engraved plates have been hand colored with watercolors, possibly by the princesses.

Literary articles encompass fiction, travel, history, and political topics. Some relate to recent events, such as this account of the execution of Thomas de Mahy, marquis de Favras, by French revolutionists. Regarded as a martyr for the royalist cause, Favras was executed in 1790 for his involvement in plans conceived by the Comte de Provence to rescue Louis XVI and the royal family from imprisonment.

Journal des dames. London: C. Arnoux. “Mort du Marquis de Favras,” page 1, in Litterature, 2nd annee, 1818 August 8

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