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1. Bach, Johann Christian. Gioas, rè di Giuda. T’adoro te solo eterno mio Dio

June 7, 2011

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Bach, Johann Christian (1735–1782)
[Gioas, rè di Giuda. T’adoro te solo eterno mio Dio]
Autograph manuscript, circa 1770.
In: Bound collection

Box 861

Johann Christian Bach, youngest son of Johann Sebastian Bach, settled in England in 1762, where he soon achieved success as a composer of Italian opera. Bach’s oratorio Gioas, rè de Giuda, with a libretto after Metastasio, was first performed at the King’s Theatre in 1770. This simplified version of the aria “T’adoro te solo eterno mio Dio,” in Bach’s autograph, was likely adapted by him for an amateur singer, possibly Queen Charlotte, for whom Bach served as music master from 1763 to 1782. The manuscript is bound in a volume of mostly printed keyboard and vocal music; a manuscript annotation, “Cheveley,” appearing in several places in the volume, possibly refers to Louisa Cheveley, who served as a nurse to the young princesses and princes.

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